Being balanced and fulfilled is accomplished by handling things in moderation.

I pursue everything in my life with passion; however, I keep myself from overdoing it. I know that too much focus in one area distracts me from other areas. I strive to maintain a balance so I can fulfill my desires in every aspect of my life.

I recognize that keeping everything in moderation brings good consequences. I can control my actions so I can enjoy these positive results every day.

Take eating, for example. I love food! I enjoy trying new foods and savoring the unique flavors. I also know that if I overeat, it interferes with my desires for a healthy, fit body. So I eat in moderation for fulfillment in both areas.

My passion for my work brings me many rewards. But I also recognize that leaving work behind at the end of each workday lets me pursue my passions in my personal life: hobbies, family, and leisure activities. So I work in moderation to allow time for all.

I thoroughly enjoy being with the love of my life! I also realize that saying ‘see you soon’ for part of the day builds anticipation when we meet again. Moderation keeps excitement in our relationship so our time together is even more fulfilling.

My time with my children is joyful. However, we give each other the freedom and support to pursue our own goals with focus and passion, knowing that fulfillment in every area makes our time together a whole lot more fun.

Today, my plan is to schedule time for work, family, and leisure activities, giving equal importance to each. This way I can thoroughly enjoy myself and end the day with a great feeling of accomplishment and fulfillment.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Do I leave work behind at the end of my workday?
2. Am I giving equal importance to my leisure time each day?
3. Which area of my life could use more focus so I can regain balance?