Frazzled After a Taxing School Semester? Four Ways You Can Renew Your Energies During the Summer Holidays

Although being a student or teacher gives you frequent breaks from your work and studies, do you usually end up feeling completely fried when the final semester of each school year comes to an end?

The stresses of school often build upon each other and seem to “use up” more and more of you throughout the school year.

Try these effective strategies for renewing your energies during the summer break so you can be prepared mentally, spiritually and physically to do it all over again when the start of the new school year rolls around:

1. Take yoga classes. Even if you never practiced yoga before, you’ll find that it’s perhaps the best way to free your mind and take you to a level of complete calmness and oneness with your inner being. From meditation to stretches and poses, you’ll do just about everything needed to regroup and find your center of balance once more!

* Participate in outdoor classes, if possible, so you can make the most of the serenity of a natural environment.

* Start with as many classes a week as you can; as you progress, you’ll find that you won’t need as many classes because you’ve adapted mental techniques that you can use on your own to achieve tranquility.

2. Bond with nature. If you include nature trips as part of your rejuvenation program this summer, you’ll feel completely renewed, refreshed and ready to tackle the school year ahead! 

* Go camping for a few days. Get away from all the noise of the classroom and city life and really listen to the peacefulness of nature for a while. Getting back to nature rejuvenates you in a way that nothing in the noisy city can. It’s a totally different and serene feeling.

* Taking a hike once a week is a great way to free your mind and also achieve new personal “heights.” Reaching the top of a hiking trail will provide a true sense of accomplishment that will leave you feeling ready and able to take on anything!

* Spend some time relaxing in a river, sailing on the ocean, or fishing in a lake. The tranquility offered by natural bodies of water is second to none!

3. Get lost in fictional books. Becoming immersed in a fictional world is an excellent way to put last semester’s schoolwork behind you! Word of caution, however: keep the subject matter light so you don’t end up feeling stressed!

4. Go on a high-energy diet. That frazzled feeling almost always comes with tiredness and very low energy, both of which you definitely want to banish before school resumes. What better way to do that than to go on a high-energy diet? Eat foods that are known for increasing energy so you can return to a healthy state.

It’s important to find effective ways to rebuild yourself and renew your energies during the long summer break. By taking the advice outlined here, you’ll find yourself exceptionally capable of taking on all the upcoming school year brings your way!