Great Ways to Stay Cool While Keeping Fit

Summer months can get so hot that you may be thinking that you can just sweat with the heat in order to keep fit. Unfortunately, it isn’t that simple!

Even if you do burn off some calories by sweating, you’ll need to put a little more effort than that into staying fit during the summer. But with more effort comes more sweating, and the heat makes it all the more unbearable, right?

If you dread sweaty workouts in the heat, the good news is that you can stay cool while you work out during the toasty season. There’s absolutely no reason to get out of shape just because it’s hot outside. Take a look at these ideas for keeping your temperature down and your fitness level up!

1. Drink lots of water. Keeping yourself hydrated is the ultimate answer to combating excessive heat during a summer workout. Whether you’re spending an hour in the gym or running a few miles outdoors, an adequate supply of water will keep you going and prevent the feeling of exhaustion.

* Drink water at room temperature or a little cooler. Ice-cold water during a sweat fest can sometimes send the body into shock.

* Take small sips instead of large gulps to avoid those side cramps while exercising.

* Try to drink eight glasses of water each day and more than that on workout days.

2. Work out in the early morning. Early morning hours tend to be much cooler than afternoon or evening hours, so it makes perfect sense to tackle your summer workouts in the morning. That way, you don’t get dehydrated as quickly.

* Keep your water intake up; avoid assuming that you’ll need less water because the temperature is cooler!

* Start out your early morning workout with a couple layers of clothes; give your body a chance to become acclimated to the lower temperature before stripping down to your basic workout outfit.

3. Eat a lot of water-based fruit. If you practice eating water-based fruit on a regular basis, you’ll find that your body won’t overheat as easily. Water-based fruit helps to keep your body hydrated and allows the body to expel heat easier.

* Watermelon is truly a summer favorite, whether or not you’re working out! Keeping lots of it on hand will increase the amount of water in your system.

* You might prefer honeydew melon because it’s usually not as sweet as watermelon.

* Fresh pineapple is also an ideal water-based fruit.

4. Wear breathable clothes. One very important consideration when it comes to working out, especially during the hot summer months, is giving your pores space to breathe. Sweating cools you down naturally as you build up your workout tempo, but you can’t sweat effectively if your pores can’t breathe!

* Look for specially made brands of workout gear that prevent moisture build up from sweating.

Unbearable heat is no reason to cut back on your workouts during the summer months! These tips and techniques can keep you cool while you work out.

So get back into the groove of exercise and make the most of the long summer days! Your body will be eternally grateful as you develop the drive and motivation needed to keep up your exercise routine!