I approach new opportunities with courage.

I am proud of the bold, courageous person I have become. I feel so much better when I dive into situations head on. The outcome is less important when I take the plunge with courage.

Courage makes me feel undefeatable. I know that victory in every race is unlikely, but I start out feeling like a winner anyway.

A courageous outlook allows me to take on new opportunities without self-doubt. I put aside all negative energy so I can focus on the situation at hand. Making room for positive thinking allows me to figure out the best way to move forward.

When I make a career change, I understand that nervousness is natural. But I put on my armor of courage and change the uneasy feelings into excitement.

I remind myself that new opportunities are due to my abilities and that I deserve to be where I am. I embrace the challenge, and dig deep to make a great impression.

I realize that being doubtful about my abilities is limiting. Self-doubt can only result in an unfavorable outcome for me.

When loved ones are facing difficult health situations, I try to be courageous for them. I show them that faith and courage are enough to get them through the challenge. I channel my courage into them, so they can feel confident about the outcome.

Today, I recommit to facing challenges with fervor and courage. I see each situation as another chance for me to show my strength.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. How do I show courage when I am competing with a friend for a new opportunity?
2. What can I do to replace fear with courage?
3. When life throws me curve balls, how can I get up and start over?