I can soar past life’s tribulations.

When I experience adversity, I believe I can soar right past any annoyance or hardship it may bring. After all, everyone experiences hardships throughout their lives and I accept such trials as a part of life.

By confronting distressing issues, I am able to rise above them and move on with my life. Although, at times, I might feel constrained by the stress of life, I know I can overcome any situation that is placed before me. Undeterred, I break it down into small issues that I can address and resolve, one by one.

I refuse to allow challenging issues to pull me down. I have the freedom to address and resolve my hardships however I see fit. I am in control of my life.

In my efforts to manage life’s trials, I show confidence and humility. Each time I solve a trying situation, I am energized by my victory.

Today, I intend to write in my journal about all the methods I have used to successfully manage life’s tribulations in the past. Based on what I have learned from these experiences, I can plan my strategy to triumph over future predicaments.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. When I am confronted with one of life’s challenges, how do I respond?
2. Do I deny the struggles that come in to my life or do I face them head-on?
3. How will I handle hardships that come my way in the future?