I embrace all my feelings.

There is a wide universe of emotions within me. I acknowledge all my feelings and give them a big hug.

When it comes to pleasant feelings like love and serenity, I enjoy how they shape my life. They enhance my experiences.

At the same time, I know that these feelings may make me too comfortable. When I visit the mall on a beautiful sunny day, I watch how much I spend. I enjoy myself without going to extremes.

When it comes to the feelings that I find less pleasant, I know that they are an important part of me too. My self-awareness and self-esteem increase as I become willing to face them head on.

Recognizing negative emotions like anger or jealousy is the first step in being able to change my reactions.

I know that I can decide how to act regardless of how I am feeling. I may resent a friend for getting the promotion that I wanted for myself. But by choosing to congratulate them, I can share in their joy.

My example may help others as well. When I acknowledge how I feel, I give them the opportunity to speak more openly, too.

I notice that even labeling feelings as pleasant or unpleasant is something that shifts. Hunger feels uncomfortable when lunch is a long way off. That same hunger makes my soup taste better once it is served.

Today, I make friends with all my feelings. I welcome and value them.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What types of emotions are the most difficult for me to accept?
2. How can I use positive self talk to help me become more comfortable about my emotions?
3. How does my upbringing affect the way I interpret my feelings?