I experience gratitude daily.

Thankfulness comes naturally to me. I know that I am blessed and I see my life through that lens. Remembering this brings me joy, and I like to feel that emotion, so I choose to experience gratitude daily!

I am thankful for the wonderful people who surround me. They provide me with companionship, nurturance, and intellectual stimulation. I grow because of them. In turn, I give the same to them, and I take joy in doing so. I seek out their company and remember frequently to tell them how much I appreciate their presence in my life.

My material possessions are also abundant.

I live in a world of plenty and I am grateful for all of the opportunities I have in the physical realm. All of my needs are met and many of my wants, too. Daily, I choose to experience gratitude for the material abundance in my life.

If I ever begin to wish things are different from the way they are, I honor that feeling. I see all of my desires and longings as teachers. They are a road map for my life, pointing my way. Even for these sometimes challenging experiences, I feel thankful. I learn from each one of them.

Because of my overflowing gratitude, I always feel relaxed and happy. After all, things are good in my life, and I know it!

Today, I allow my natural thankfulness to blossom. I see each experience as an opportunity for more gratitude and greater joy. And I make a point of finding the best in every situation.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What are five big things for which I am immensely thankful?
2. What other things make me feel grateful?
3. What are some of the benefits of remembering my blessings?