I feel comfortable in any social setting.

I am fortunate to get along so well with others. I am comfortable with everyone in every circumstance. I look forward to opportunities to interact with others. Social occasions are great occasions to make new friends and contacts.

I enjoy getting to know new people. Inevitably, they enrich my life. I find that there are many opportunities each day to introduce myself to someone new.

I like going to formal events. While many people might find them intimidating, I am full of confidence in these situations. I also feel right at home at more casual events. I like to let my hair down and just be myself.

I like to challenge myself in new situations and see how much fun I can have. I can have a good time anywhere.

I am comfortable with all types of people. I understand that all of us are fundamentally the same and have many things in common, so I can always find something of interest to chat about.

Others like to socialize with me because I have excellent listening skills and I am charming and captivating.

Today, I feel confident and comfortable enough to be myself in every social setting. I look forward to talking with everyone I meet. I feel comfortable in any social setting.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Which social settings make me uncomfortable?
2. What could I do to be more at ease in those situations?
3. How would my life change if I were comfortable in all social settings?