I forgive quickly.

When someone hurts me, I choose to forgive him or her as a way to free myself from a grudge. Forgiveness allows me to turn the page and end a chapter of bitterness.

As I let go of past hurts, I feel the chains begin to fall and I become a liberated individual at peace with myself.

The sooner I make the decision to forgive, the less time I will have to harbor negativity in my heart. The quicker I get rid of the hurt, the less of it will remain. The healing process may take time, but in the end, the freedom is worth it.

When I forgive quickly, I remove resentment from my mind and get back my ability to focus or concentrate on daily tasks. My relationships flourish because I am unaffected by worry and distraction.

I forgive as fast as I can because I am determined to repel all negativity from my life. I walk through life free from the burden of resentment. Positive thoughts and emotions rule my mind.

Prayer is the tool that enables me to reach the place of forgiveness. When I pray, I am honest with myself about how I feel. I ask for strength and courage to move on with my life without any anger for the offense.

Today, I choose to believe in the possibility of a better future by forgiving those who hurt me. I use my energy to form new relationships with peace of mind and a happy heart.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Who do I need to forgive today?
2. Why is it important to forgive quickly?
3. Am I allowing old wounds to keep me from my destiny?