I have the ability to remain faithful to new habits.

I am forming new habits to improve my life and increase my overall satisfaction. I am determined to continue to practice the healthy patterns I have established. The strength necessary to successfully form and keep new habits is stored within me.

I have patience with myself when creating challenging new routines. Sometimes it takes days or even months to form new patterns of behavior, but I have the patience to keep trying.

Repetition is my key to success. In order for me to turn new activities into habits, I must practice repetition. Every day, I perform my new activities with hard work and great effort. As I practice repetition, new behaviors become easier.

Even when I feel tempted to give up, I push myself to repeat it one more time. I share my goals with those closest to me and rally their support. With the help of my loved ones and my own reminders, I am successful!

When establishing new habits, I take it one day and one habit at a time. An easy pace helps me gradually make a permanent change. I forgive myself if there is a setback and jump right back up on my feet to avoid getting discouraged.

Today, I visualize myself living the life I deserve. I fight against all temptation because the rewards in my future outweigh the sacrifices I am making right now.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What are some new habits I have begun to practice?
2. Am I being patient and keeping a steady pace?
3. Who are the people I can count on for support?