I hold on tight to what is most important.

I have a firm grasp around what has the most value in my life. I refuse to allow anything to come between me and the people I love and value in my life.

My family is my most treasured gift. I wrap my arms around my family and embrace them with all my might. Loving my family deeply and without reserve increases our bond and deepens our relationship.

Mistakes of the past are irrelevant in the present. I let go of past hurts and disappointments because they have only as much power as I allow. I choose to forgive and forget wrongdoings so I can love without reservations.

I value my character above my reputation. Instead of valuing appearances, I allow my character to shine by way of my actions. What outsiders think of me is of little consequence in comparison to what family sees in me and what I see in myself.

Loving relationships are my foundation. I treasure each relationship I am blessed with because each one is a gift. I nurture my relationships with open communication, quality time, and trust.

When I fill my heart with goodness, I have no room left for negativity. My time is consumed by activities that are worthwhile and have eternal value. By focusing on what matters, I shield myself from the condemning voice of regret.

Today, I choose to hold on tight to family, friends, and integrity. I release myself from needing the applause of others. I am free to enjoy a life without regrets by making time for the things that are important.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What is most important to me?
2. Am I devoting enough time to that which is most important to me?
3. Why is character worth more than reputation?