I love and accept that there are some situations that I cannot control.

I let go of my tendency to try to be in control of everything. What a relief it is! No longer do I have to be responsible for everything. It is much easier to focus on what I can control, instead of worrying about the things I cannot control anyway!

What can I control? I can control my own thoughts and actions. I can control how I react to events. And I can control my expectations.

When I focus on what I can control, I find that I become more effective. Instead of fretting over a challenge, I seek solutions and take action on my decisions.

Instead of worrying about what others will think, I live true to my own morals, ethics, and beliefs. In being true to myself, I strengthen my self-esteem.

Rather than bemoan a situation, I take whatever action I can to make things better. Taking decisive action reduces my stress about the situation and gives me hope for a better day ahead.

I accept that I cannot control the actions of others and I prefer it that way. Truly, how complicated life would be if I had the responsibility of controlling and directing everyone!

Simply letting go of the need to control takes the weight of the world off my shoulders.

Today, I plan to accept whatever the day brings, do what I can where I can, and let the rest go!

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Do I get frustrated at situations beyond my control?
2. How can taking decisive action reduce my stress about a current challenge?
3. What can I do to let go of something out of my control?