I love freely.

My love is meant to be shared with as many people as possible. It is a vehicle for bringing peace and togetherness.

I believe it is my responsibility to embrace others who are unfamiliar with kindness. When I shower them with attention, they feel special. Being kind to others is one way to freely share my love.

My natural instinct to share my heart helps me to forgive easily. As a loving soul, one of my missions is to let go of past hurts and the offenses of others.

Family members feel free to talk to me because my love encourages openness. It is important to show others that I am here to support them. My kind nature allows me to listen to them without passing judgment.

My peers at work deserve to have loving interactions with me. Even though the environment is professional, I am able to show my coworkers love. I treat them with respect, compassion, and consideration.

The love I share is limitless because it multiplies each time I give it.

Today, I embrace my ability to freely love each person I meet. My commitment to being an example of positive living is unwavering. I am committed to playing my part in bringing good energy to the world. I am an agent of love and positive change.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. In which circumstances am I hesitant to share love with others?
2. How does the treatment I receive from others impact my ability to give love freely?
3. In what other ways can I show love to others?