I make a financial commitment to my social life.

I believe in living a balanced life. I am convinced that neglecting any aspect robs me of the ability to live life to the fullest. I know I can achieve my true potential if I cultivate good practices in all areas of my life.

My social life is an important aspect of my existence. Social interactions remind me that I am blessed to have wonderful people to spend time with. My friends help to shape the person I am today.

I am committed to my social life. I dedicate a portion of my income each month for social engagements. I believe it is important to enjoy myself with some my earnings. I work hard for my money and deserve to treat myself to a night out with friends or coworkers.

Socializing helps take my mind off of my daily stresses. It helps me to unwind and return to a peaceful place.

While I know it is important to socialize, I avoid over-compensating financially. I remind myself that balance is important in everything.

Today, I commit to socializing in a way that achieves balance. I place just as much importance on my social life as I do on anything else. I know that a healthy combination of activities equals a higher quality of life.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. When was the last time I had to skip a social engagement due to a lack of funds?
2. How do I respond when some of my friends want to socialize too much and it is costing more than I budgeted?
3. What are some creative ways to socialize without a significant financial commitment?