I move my financial life forward each day.

I see the importance of having financial security and I work to attain it. Being financially secure is worthwhile to me. Each day, I work to advance the quality of my financial life and future.

When I see financial challenges, I tackle them right away. There is always something to learn from a challenge. My life is improved because of the financial obstacles I overcome.

I ensure a sound financial life by paying my bills on time, keeping my debt under control and saving for the future. I earn more than I spend.

By improving my financial life, I can also help others. My family, friends, and community all benefit from my financial prowess.

It is much easier for me to think about my purchases and make good choices than to waste money on impulse purchases that I may later regret. My frugality keeps me from having too many bills. Having enough money is important to me.

Because I have enough financially, I am able to focus on my future. Saving, investing, and giving to others are all things that I enjoy. I can do those things because I take care of the money that is entrusted to me. It is very important to me to help others financially, and I do it readily and happily each day.

Today, I actively work to improve and advance my financial life.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What can I do to ensure I’m making the right financial choices for my future?
2. How can I help my family make good financial choices?
3. What is the best way to improve my financial future right now?