I open up to others.

I open up my heart and mind to others. It feels good to share.

I deepen my relationships. I let others know me. I accept feelings of vulnerability that come along with sensitive discussions. Being accepted for who I am is worth the risk.

I express my true feelings.

I take responsibility for my emotions. I see my strengths and weakness. I clarify my values by examining my thoughts and listening to feedback from others.

I ask for help. I let others know that I need their assistance and support. I thank them for their generosity.

I take away the power that secrets can have over me. I laugh at myself. I face troubling issues head on. I talk them over with my loved ones or a therapist who can be objective.

I am skillful about opening up to others. I wait for an appropriate time and place to have an in-depth conversation. I reveal myself more to family and friends. I start off gradually with new acquaintances.

I am tactful about how I communicate with others.

I respect their emotions and boundaries. I want them to feel comfortable in my presence. I reciprocate when someone tells me something genuine about themselves. I show my gratitude for their trust and confidence in me.

Today, I open myself up to more love and friendship in my life.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What is the biggest secret I want to let go of?
2. What are 3 situations I often encounter where it would be easy for me to practice opening up more?
3. How do my past experiences affect my willingness to disclose personal information?