I portray feelings of peace and serenity.

This world can feel so full of noise, stimulation and activity. Sometimes I feel challenged to show that I can keep my focus and live a life of calm reflection. But I want others to see me as a grounded, focused individual.

Because I want to bring peace to others, I do whatever I can to lead an existence that exudes tranquility.

Life can shake a person to his core. I feel proud of myself whenever an acquaintance comments that I seem to be calm and in control in nearly every situation. I feel empowered, knowing that others notice my peacefulness.

Being a role model for a tranquil, serene existence gives me joy and satisfaction. People learn how to live peacefully while enjoying a full life from me.

Even when a day gets busy and hectic, I keep a strong balance within me. During the most challenging times, I remind myself that the challenge is only temporary.

Because I seek to have peace and serenity in my life, I look for methods and activities that help me experience those feelings. Sometimes, I employ deep breathing and yoga techniques. This helps me stay focused on my goal to live with tranquility. I refuse to allow life’s tumultuous events to barge in on my oasis of peace.

Today, I feel settled and secure in my feelings of peace and tranquility. I choose to renew my efforts to portray these gentle, calm feelings to others.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Do I make it a point to try to live a peaceful and serene life?
2. How can I focus on creating a more tranquil existence?
3. What can I do to demonstrate to the world that I feel relaxed, calm and peaceful?