I radiate calmness and tranquility.

In each moment of my day, I am a beacon of peace. My serenity transcends time and circumstance. Deep within, I feel a sense of stillness, which allows me to infuse harmony into my interactions with others.
Life is full of changing situations. I never know what the next moment might hold. Therefore, I cultivate calmness inside of myself. Whatever happens in my life, I am prepared to greet each day with equanimity and abiding satisfaction.
All is well in my world. I know this deeply.
When someone comes to me with a concern or strong emotion, I choose how I respond. Emotional reaction may be my first impulse, but instead I elect to pause and respond thoughtfully. I can do this because of the peace inside of me.
Because I am calm in my dealings with others and responses to changing circumstances, I radiate tranquility. Others clearly see how peaceful I am. I am proud of this skill. I work diligently each day to cultivate my desired approach to the world.
If I ever feel for a moment like I may react emotionally, I take a moment to breathe and collect my thoughts. Then, I respond with calmness instead. I consider all sides. I always allow my emotions a voice, but refuse to let them rule my responses.
Today, I am thankful for the serenity I am able to cultivate each day. I trust in my own ability to experience peace in any circumstance. Each day, I choose to respond with calmness and tranquility in every situation that comes my way.
Self-Reflection Questions:
1. In what types of situations have I felt most challenged to respond calmly?
2. What might help me respond more calmly in these circumstances?
3. When do I feel most peaceful inside? How can I bring that feeling into other moments of my day?