I treat all living things with love and respect.

I acknowledge that all living things on Earth have earned their place here because they have been made by the same Creator who artfully crafted me.
I believe that every creation that breathes its own breath deserves the same love and respect that I give to fellow human beings.
I tend to the plants in my garden with the utmost love and compassion. I consider how I feel when I am cared for by those who love me, and pass that same care on to my plants. I feed them as they ought to be fed and expose them to the things that make them happy.
I protect my plants from negative elements that could threaten their existence. I respect their space and need for a specific type of environment.
My pets are members of my family, and I treat them as such. I strive to include them in special family moments because I know they can feel the love. I teach my children the importance of respecting animals because they are just as affected by abuse as we are.
I treasure the companionship I get from my pets. I recognize how loyal they are and reward them for that loyalty by treating them with love. I reassure them that they are important to me and earn their trust.
Today, I commit to treating all living things equally. I vow to acknowledge their place and purpose on this Earth and treat them according to how the Creator would want me to.
Self-Reflection Questions:
1. How do I feel when a creature I treat lovingly has passed on?
2. Do I treat all living things in the same way I would want to be treated?
3. How do I handle times when I feel uninspired to care for living creatures?