In my alone time, I consider things I am grateful for.

Every day is a day of thanksgiving. In the hustle and bustle of life, it is easy to overlook blessings. But I set aside time each day to consider the things I am grateful for.

At times, I invite my kids to share my alone time. I ask them to list things they are thankful for. This bonding activity brings us closer together. It also teaches them to avoid taking things for granted.

Even on difficult days, I give thanks that it is not any worse. I acknowledge that so many others have it worse than me. That mindset helps me to build the drive and will to keep going.

I take the time to express thanks for my tough situations. They teach me perseverance, forgiveness, and creativity. I feel my character building with each challenge I face.

My resolve grows each day after I list the things I am thankful for. I feel more and more invincible.

I see every situation as a blessing. There are some that are tougher than others. But I appreciate every learning experience I get. I admire the person I am becoming.

Today, I find blessings in both my good days and bad days. I commit to finding something positive in every situation. I am grateful regardless of the circumstances I face.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Are there difficulties that are too hard for me to overlook?
2. Do I feel refreshed and reenergized after every thanksgiving session I hold?
3. How do I handle situations where others display ungratefulness?