It is easy for me to let go and enjoy the laughter that I have inside me.

I’ve been given many gifts that bring out the beauty in life: my creativity, my love for others, and my connection with nature and the Divine. All of these are wonderful and I treasure them. I also make sure to remember another inborn trait that, when I nurture it, helps me live on a deeper and more fulfilling level. This trait is my sense of humor.

Happiness is my natural state of being. When I let go of the need to out-perform people, to always be on top and in control, I find myself returning effortlessly to that natural state.

Humor finds me when I let down my guard. I find great joy in the sometimes off-the-wall utterances of my child, as he tries life and language. My puppy, too, provides endless entertainment as he explores his world. Humor is all around me.

I open myself up to a deeper level of being when I allow myself to laugh at my efforts and errors. When I let go of the need to be perfect, I allow myself to recognize and thrive on the humor that continues to be part of the process of growth and exploration throughout life.

I relax when I laugh which leads to greater health and productivity. I nurture my sense of humor for my good and the good of those around me.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Do I slow down enough to recognize humor in my daily life?
2. Do I allow myself the benefits of laughing at my mistakes?
3. How can I open myself up to laughter today?