Keeping the bigger picture in mind helps me to be more patient.

Thinking about the broader picture is a source of strength for me because it affirms my hope. Focusing on the whole situation reminds me that every action, sacrifice, and decision I make today is shaping my future.

The mundane parts of everyday living become less trivial when I think about them in light of the bigger picture. When I consider my ultimate purpose, I begin to appreciate the seemingly insignificant happenings in my life.

At times, I may grow weary because my dreams are not coming true in the manner in which I hope. Desperation tries to make itself at home in my mind, but it is unable to linger because I keep my eyes on the prize.

I keep my attention focused on the goal so that I may persevere with patience. I have peace that my best days are ahead of me. Being patient is easy when I remember that life is about so much more than just the current situation I find myself in.

In the grand scheme of things, each day is a tiny speck compared to the fulfillment and joy that await me. Putting life in perspective empowers me against becoming burned out. I am fresh with renewed excitement each day as I think of the role I have in the world.

Today, I work hard with a positive attitude, knowing that anything worth having takes effort. I am willing to put in the labor necessary to accomplish my dreams. I know that what may feel like an unbearable sacrifice today can reap me showers of blessings tomorrow.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What is my bigger picture?
2. When was the last time I went through a difficult season?
3. How can I be more patient through this time?