Living a positive lifestyle is my weapon against anger.

I strongly believe that anger repels happiness. I am unable to fathom living a happy, full life that is also filled with rage.

From a logical standpoint, I believe that happiness repels anger just as easily as rage repels contentment. Therefore, I banish anger from my life by simply living in a fulfilling manner that is rich with joy.

The law of attraction essentially states that good attracts good, and bad attracts bad. So, my first step in repelling anger from my life is to become an overall positive person. Daily, I move toward greater positivity.

When I feel anger creeping up, I take a moment to quietly breathe and gather my thoughts.

Almost always, a negative reaction leads to a negative outcome. So I encourage positive thoughts and remind myself that I am above stooping to a level of negativity.

I surround myself with optimistic people and nurture the relationships in my life. By cultivating these relationships, I create more positivity in my life.

Yet, I also make time for myself. I indulge in relaxing activities, such as meditation, prayer, or even a spa day. These activities soothe the body, but also soothe the soul. Because I take care of myself in this way, I regularly experience serenity.

It’s a simple formula, really: when I reach for happiness, I repel unhappiness and anger.

Today, I make it a point to seek serenity and contentment in all areas of my life. The little things truly can make a sizable difference. Daily, my efforts reward me with more peace and joy.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Do I have a tendency to magnify situations?
2. If so, is this because I am unable to deal with the situation emotionally?
3. How can I seek serenity and happiness in all areas of my life?