Meditation gives me clarity of thought to make wise decisions.

I am a good decision-maker. I think constructively about a situation before making a final decision. This is one of my strengths.

When I spend time in meditation, I achieve clarity of thought. Unclouded thoughts leave room for unbiased decisions. I stand firmly by my decisions when I allow myself to meditate on the situation.

I am able to meditate anywhere. When I need to think on my feet, I take a few moments to close my eyes before deciding. This action amounts to meditation and is very helpful.

Decisions that impact the well-being of my family require the most introspection. I am careful to think deeply about such issues, especially since some decisions are life-changing.

I avoid rushing to make a final decision. I prefer to take the time to think instead of living with regret from a hasty decision.

When I meditate, I give my conscience full control of the choices I make. I know my conscience is there to guide me in a positive direction.

Today, I always include meditation as part of my decision-making formula. Making sound decisions is important to me. I have a clear conscience when I know I have given adequate thought to my decisions.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. How effective am I at decision-making when my back is against the wall?
2. Am I able to come up with good ideas when I spend a few moments in thought?
3. Am I confident enough to announce decisions that are unfavorable to others?