My education is a lifelong commitment to shifting perspectives.

Even though I have completed my formal education, I know there is always more to learn. I learn new hobbies, new traits, and new ways of completing tasks. I seek opportunities to continue educating myself.

I read from new media sources. Occasionally, I discover facts, evidence, and opinions that challenge my perspective. Other times, my opinions are reaffirmed.

Communication is often the best form of education. Each person has a lifetime of experience, a wealth of knowledge to share. By engaging others, I discover new ways to ask questions. I encounter new questions. I learn about the human experience, and discover that we can learn the same things and still have different perspectives.

I enjoy the roles of both student and teacher. I can learn many things by teaching others. I retain more of what I know by repeating and clarifying the information. I discover the reasoning of counterpoints to my opinions.

I avoid mental torpor by embracing the diversity of the world. I keep my mind open, like the door to a classroom.

Today, I intend to learn something new. The potential for learning is limitless, and every new discovery has an impact my perception of the world around me.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Who or what inspires me to continue learning?
2. What are my favorite things to read about?
3. How can I keep myself motivated to challenge my beliefs and opinions?