My life is full of joy, health, and happiness.

My life is filled with everything good. Inside my heart there is an overabundance of positive emotions. When I think about my life, I am overwhelmed with gratitude for all my blessings. True joy is the result of a grateful heart.

There are innumerable sources of joy in my life. My family and friends are the most precious gifts I have ever received. The unconditional love that I experience with them, especially in times of need, fill my heart with joy.

My joy is contagious and constant. I choose to rejoice in every circumstance. I am filled with joy because I focus on the good things and give thanks for my life.

The quality of my life matters; therefore I strive to live the best life I can. My goal is not merely to survive, but to live out the plan that has been set before me.

I practice healthy habits in order to enjoy good health. Good health improves my stamina and my ability to enjoy life. When I feel good physically, I feel good emotionally.

Everywhere I look, I see a new source of happiness. I pay attention to the little details that make life great.

Each day, I aim to share a deep laugh with someone. I allow myself to release my inhibitions, throw my head back, and laugh like a child. I surround myself with happy people in order to keep the feeling alive.

Today, I choose to look at life through appreciative eyes that focus on the small things that bring me joy, health, and happiness.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What are my sources of joy?
2. How do I take care of my body?
3. What am I grateful for today?