My weight is just a number.

My health is improving every day. I choose to focus on the positive direction I am heading instead of holding myself to an unreasonable standard of what is beautiful. With healthy eating and exercise, I feel more energetic and confident every day.

I look great! I am more beautiful every day, inside and out. Instead of holding myself to the standard of today’s supermodel, I choose to notice the features of my body that are already beautiful. I celebrate the daily victories that come from my healthy lifestyle!

When I see areas of my body that could use improvement, I am excited about the journey to that improvement. I look at it like making something great even better.

Predefined standards limit my chance to enjoy life and celebrate who I am as a person. The opinions of others play no part in how I feel about myself. Instead, I choose to love myself and think happy thoughts about who I am.

My partner loves the way I look and I receive complements about my shape all the time. I am grateful for these comments, but even without them, I know that I am beautiful.

Today, I look in the mirror and compliment myself on my beautiful, full-figured shape. I am content with my appearance; therefore the number on the scale means nothing to me.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What are my most attractive physical features?
2. What steps can I take today to improve my health?
3. How can I strengthen my self-image?