My weight is my friend.

When I look at the scale, I rejoice that I see a healthy weight. I put down the tabloid magazines because I know it is unrealistic to look at skinny, Photoshopped celebrities for inspiration.

I am a woman. And, through the years, I have developed the curvy figure that I waited for so impatiently throughout my teens. My womanly figure is my trophy; I feel no need to squeeze myself into an unhealthy size-00 pair of jeans. Real women have curves!

I am proud of my weight. If I cannot fit into my skinny jeans from years past, that is quite alright. I can easily buy a new pair that fits me just fine. Outgrowing my clothes is a perfectly normal part of life. I refuse to sulk because I no longer have the waistline of a 16-year old girl.

I stock my closet with clothing that flatters my body and fits comfortably. I am most confident when my clothing plays up my best features and minimizes the ones I am not very fond of.

My weight is my friend. It gives me a voluptuous figure that men desire and other women wish they had! I can fill out my clothes beautifully and keep up with the latest fashion trends because my body is smoking hot!

When I look in the mirror, I love the reflection staring back at me. I am a woman of confidence, beauty, and wisdom. I would not change a thing about me!

Today, I have the confidence to jump on the scale and excitedly await the number that shows up. I love my curves and I am thankful to have such a womanly body.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What can I do to increase my confidence?
2. Have I ever let my weight define me?
3. How has my perception of weight changed throughout the years?