My weight loss goals are attainable.

My accomplishments include great triumphs in school, my career, and family matters.
Weight loss may be a challenge, but I know that my weight loss goal can be achieved just as I tackle other challenges in my life and win!

For a driven person like me, losing weight is more like a game rather than a burden. Each pound I lose is a sign of my strength and determination.

By placing such a positive spin on my efforts to lose weight, I increase both my confidence and my will to succeed.

My weight loss goals are perfectly achievable. I set a reasonable timeline to lose weight and milestones to let me know how far I have come. Each time I reach a milestone, I treat myself to a movie or a gift unrelated to food.

Rewarding my achievements, no matter how small, gives me the motivation to keep on going.

I can have my cake and eat it too. But, I always make sure that it is angel food cake with a natural fruit topping! Choices like this let me enjoy the sweets I crave in healthier, smaller-calorie ways. The more I learn about food, the more pleasing choices I can find.

Like a game, I can find ways to prevent me from sabotaging myself, and win! Just as I can find tasty foods that are healthy, I also find fun ways to exercise.

With my positive mindset, the pounds just seem to be melting off! I am eating healthily, exercising regularly, and controlling my cravings.

Today, I keep my eye on the prize: fitting into my skinny jeans! I am actively working towards regaining the beach body that I once displayed proudly.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Am I losing weight to please myself or someone else?
2. Am I truly overweight or am I simply striving for perfection?
3. How can I curb cravings to stay strong in times of weakness?