Physical exercise renews and energizes me.

I engage in as much movement as possible throughout my waking hours. Whether I am at work, out and about, or at home, I am committed to getting as much physical exercise as I can.

At work, although I often find myself sitting behind a desk, I can still create opportunities for exercise. I do leg lifts under the desk. I stretch my arms out to my sides and above my head. I do neck rolls several times during the day.

Each hour, I stand up and stroll around my desk and the office. During breaks and at lunch times, I take walks.

Getting out and about for some exercise during my personal time is a wonderful way to break up the week.

I like to go work out at the fitness center. I feel such a surge of energy during workouts. Afterward, I am tired, yet happy that I have experienced another exhilarating hour of physical activity.

When I prefer to stay close to home, I jog or walk. I alter my routes, how long I spend, and the time of day to ensure variety. An evening stroll is relaxing and helps me get a good night’s sleep.

Today, I know that the more exercise I do, the more energy I have to complete other tasks. I enjoy feelings of renewal and quiet joy because I engage in physical activity each day.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Do I perform enough physical activity every day?
2. How can I make physical activity a routine part of my day, like brushing my teeth?
3. What am I willing to commit to when it comes to increasing my level of physical exercise?