Physical fitness is important to me.

I love how my body feels when I maintain a high level of physical fitness. I also love how the rest of my being operates when I am physically fit. I aim to combine the other activities in my life with exercise so I remain balanced.

When I am physically fit, I breeze through everyday tasks. I can move around with agility without feeling tired and winded. I can accomplish activities like grocery shopping, housecleaning and playing with the kids when I make time for exercise.

My physical fitness is important to me because it allows my mind to be sharp. When I exercise regularly, I feel a heightened sense of awareness and mental sharpness. And when that happens, I am able to think quickly and make timely decisions.

In my job, I am required to make sound, timely decisions. I know that exercising on a regular basis can help me excel in my job and produce the results that my employers need.

I believe in having a balanced life to produce optimal results overall. Just as rest and proper diet are important to me, so is exercise.

Today, I continue to focus on physical fitness, especially as I get older. I realize that consistent exercise is important to ensure I am a balanced individual. I know that being physically fit means that I can accomplish more things on a day to day basis.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Am I able to find creative ways to exercise when I am away from my usual workout routine and equipment?
2. Is it easier for me to feel motivated to work out when I do it in the company of friends who also aim for physical fitness?
3. Are there times when I overdo exercise?