Saving Money on Holiday Entertainment

If you plan to throw a holiday party, you’re probably aware that entertaining others can be a bit pricey. Fortunately, there are a number of ways to throw a holiday soiree without breaking your seasonal budget.

Experiment with creative and cost-effective holiday party themes to enjoy the company of your loved ones without stretching yourself thin.

Types of Holiday Parties

Rather than hosting a giant get-together just before Christmas, consider smaller seasonal parties any time during the winter months to enjoy the presence of friends and family members. The benefit here is that by spreading out your entertaining needs, you’re taking away the stress and expense of a single large party to accommodate everyone.

Try these inexpensive holiday party themes:

1. Holiday open house. Invite your guests to drop by anytime they like during certain hours. Offer them hors d’oeuvres and keep drinks available throughout the day. A holiday open house is a fuss-free, stress-free and casual get together without strict commitments or a great deal of planning required.

2. Dessert party. Ask each of your guests to bring a favorite dessert or craft a few of your own. Combine a spread of desserts and other sweets with a pot of coffee or a batch of cocoa and enjoy a low-key get together. Pair the dessert party concept with a rented movie or another theme such as tree trimming, gift-wrapping, crafting or caroling.

3. Gift-wrapping party. Invite friends or family members over to help wrap gifts. Play good music or put on a movie, then set everyone up with a wrapping space, paper, scissors, scotch tape and gift tags. Encourage guests to bring their own wrapping supplies and gifts, and then tackle all your wrapping in a single fun-filled evening.

4. Tree-trimming party. Catch up with your friends while doing your holiday decorating with this low-cost holiday party theme. Use whatever decorations you already own; then the only cost for this party theme is the snacks and refreshments for your friends.

5. Potluck party. This is the classic inexpensive party theme because it encourages each guest to bring a favorite food or drink, cutting down on your costs. Provide the plates, utensils and napkins and you’re good to go. Choose a theme for your potluck, such as desserts, soups or fondue to make things interesting.

6. Caroling party. Caroling is free entertainment for your friends and loved ones. Take everyone caroling, and then bring everyone back home for warm cider, hot cocoa, and fresh baked Christmas cookies. This simple get together can be truly enjoyable for everyone involved.

7. Baking party. Grab your friends and family members and ask each to bring an element for baking such as sugar, flour, chocolate chips, sugar sprinkles, and so on. Get together for an evening in the kitchen. Keep warm cider and hot chocolate handy and Christmas music on the radio while you and your loved ones bake holiday cookies.

8. Crafting party. Provide supplies for different inexpensive holiday crafts or ask each of your guests to bring the materials for one of their favorite crafts. This party is ideal for smaller groups but can help you make gifts for family and friends just in time for Christmas.

Small, simple ideas can go a long way toward creating enjoyable holiday get-togethers with those you love, yet without the expense.

Each idea offers an inexpensive way to spend time with friends and family during the holiday season without breaking the bank, extending past your budget, or stressing yourself out unnecessarily.