Stepping back helps me to refocus.

It is easy to get caught up in the game of life, so I take time to step back, away from the noise, and think. I pause at the fountain of life and refresh my soul.

When I step back, I can look objectively at my life. Removing myself from the busyness of life allows me to reflect on my priorities. I can identify talents to strengthen and successful areas that I might have overlooked.

When I get too busy and fail to take a break, I become emotionally charged and driven by my feelings. I feel as if I am becoming consumed by the tasks I must complete. Then I remember to step back so I can nurture the creative person inside of me, and all is well again.

Driving myself to constantly achieve, without a break, leads to exhaustion. There comes a point where I must place my well being ahead of my productivity. When there is too much on my plate, I compromise the quality of my work.

Stepping back helps me achieve balance. When I reflect on how I have been spending my time, I see areas that I am neglecting. When I step back, I am able to make a plan to pursue the dreams I may have put aside.

Today, I choose to take a break from the routine and reflect on where my life is headed. I am honest with myself about negative habits I can give up, skills I need to work on, and which areas are my strong points.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Am I living according to my values and priorities?
2. How can I shield myself from exhaustion?
3. Is it time to revise my plan for my future?