The door is half open.

Optimism is perception. When I view the world with a positive attitude, good things happen. I see more opportunity. More doors are open to me.

Because I see the door as half open, I perceive it as opening instead of closing. It is a simple, positive decision. I see expanding potential and seize the ability to progress-to move forward through the open door.

I begin to view everything in this manner. The glass is half full, tasks are almost done. Each day, I move closer to my goals. Mountains appear smaller, and rivers narrower. I relish new challenges because obstacles are meant to be overcome.

My perception, in turn, affects those around me. Instead of letting the door close, I hold it open for others. I encourage them to view opportunities in a new, positive light.

Every open door is an opportunity, regardless of how much it is open.

Challenges are like doors. When I find myself in front of a closed door, I am certain that I can figure out how to open it. If the door is locked, I search for the key. Maybe I have the key. Sometimes, I need to ask others for the key.

Today, I perceive everything with a positive attitude. Each task, opportunity, or challenge is a door half open, and it is up to me to walk through.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. How do I overcome negative perceptions (both mine and those of others)?
2. Who inspires me to think positive?
3. How can I inspire others to be optimistic?