The sights and smells of spring bring me joy.

Although I love all of the seasons, I find myself anticipating spring more than any other. There is a sense of wonder, light, and warmth as spring nears. Spring has its own sights and smells.

I feel the distinct shift of the atmosphere as the winter winds die away and the snow melts. Saying good-bye to winter is a happy occasion because I know that spring follows close behind.

Trees are starting to bud new leaves. Flower bushes are covered with blossoms.

The sights of spring entice me to go outdoors. I look forward to planting some flowers in my garden. I gleefully plan to take a long walk.

The smells of spring envelop me as I step out of the door. The outdoors smells faintly of fresh-cut green grass and a bouquet of flowers. Even the spring rains bring their own cool, sweet fragrance to the lengthening days.

I feel the warmth of the spring sun as it breaks through the clouds. The breezes blow and I feel a faint shiver. I know that spring approaches as I feel it in the wind.

Today, I take time to notice the sights and smells of spring. I want to feel the special joy that spring brings. My life is renewed and refreshed because it is springtime.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Do I notice the signs of spring as the season approaches?
2. What changes about how I feel as spring arrives?
3. What are the first signs of spring that I notice in my neighborhood?