Use Spring Weather to Rekindle Your Love

Romantic outdoor dates in the springtime can rejuvenate your love. Warm up to each other as you put the cold winter months behind you.

Here are a few suggestions for you and your love to consider for daytime and evening fun.

Romantic Ideas for Daytime Dates

1. Pack a picnic brunch. Eating outdoors is one of the great pleasures that warm weather brings. Visit your local market or prepare your own romantic brunch with finger sandwiches, salad, and strawberries. Bring along a book of verse to read to each other.

2. Do some gardening. You can get some work done and still be romantic. Plant a tree together and watch it grow for years to come. Select some new varieties of flowers at your local nursery to add more color to your garden.

3. Go for a walk. Romance doesn’t always have to involve candles and strawberries. A leisurely stroll can be relaxing and stimulate romantic conversations. Reminisce about your first date or a shared funny experience.

4. Party by the pool. If you don’t have an in-ground pool, you can buy an inflatable one and soak your feet. Mix up some tropical cocktails complete with little paper umbrellas. If you want to get fancy, ask for the day rate at a local luxury hotel. Take a dip in their pool and lounge around.

5. Go sailing. Rent a sail boat at your local marina. If you’re not an experienced sailor, take out a paddleboat or sign up for a chartered cruise.

6. Break out your bicycles. Get some exercise while you’re enjoying your time together. Rent a bicycle-built-for-two or use your own bikes. Research scenic trails and plan a route that ends with a great view you can savor while you rest up for the trip back.

7. Hit the horseback riding trails. There are stables nearby even in the most urban areas. Depending on your skills, you can head out with just the two of you or go out on a guided tour.

Romantic Ideas for Evening Dates:

1. Share a candle light dinner. Turn your backyard or balcony into a deluxe dining experience. Arrange an elegant table with candles and flowers. Select a special wine and play soft music. Plan a menu that you can prepare in advance with easy cleanup so you can focus on each other.

2. Watch a movie outdoors. Some communities show free movies outdoors so look around for what your local parks or schools might offer. To make your own movie night, roll your television set out onto the back porch or just use your laptop. Pick out a romantic comedy you both might enjoy.

3. Take in a concert. Get tickets for an outdoor concert whether your tastes are classical or contemporary. Look for venues where you can sit on the grass and drink champagne.

4. Toss around a glow in the dark Frisbee. A simple backyard game of catch can be romantic. Get into a playful mood with a fun game of Frisbee. Afterwards, you can relax in each other’s arms and share your dreams.

5. Watch the stars. Visit a local observatory or just get a good pair of binoculars. Check the news for special phenomena that will be observable in your area or just stargaze anytime.

6. Camp out. Sometimes you need a longer break. Get away on an overnight camping trip. Bring your French press so you can sip a gourmet coffee while you share a sunrise together. Spend the day hiking and enjoy the sounds of nature at night.

Outdoor dates can help keep your love blooming. Head outdoors day or night to share some fun and relaxation.