What King Kong Can Teach You about Getting More Out of Life

You probably remember the famous line from King Kong that blames beauty for killing the beast. While that lesson may need to be updated, there is still plenty you can learn from a big ape. These are tips that work in the jungle and in the big city.

Tips You Can Definitely Use Outside of the Movies

1. Focus your attention on priorities. The whole story might have turned out differently if King Kong had spent more time defending himself from his captors and less time chasing after Fay Wray. Plus, relationships work better when they’re given time to evolve.

2. Appreciate everybody. Just because someone may not be your dream date is no reason to go hurling them out of a high story hotel window. Kong loses some sympathy when he tramples over others to get to Fay.

3. Supply your own entertainment. The movie director who drags Kong out of the jungle gets most of the blame for the commotion that follows. Think of the wellbeing of others when you’re trying to have fun.

4. Take constructive action. Fay Wray spends most of the movie screaming. In real life, you need to have a better strategy for difficult times.

5. Pull together. The movie crew and the island natives work side by side when they try to keep Kong behind the wall. Challenges help us to put aside our differences and work as a team.

6. Stay alert. You never know when you’ll run into an obstacle. Be prepared even if you’re sleeping in a warm bed or perched on top of the Empire State Building.

7. Plan ahead. Generations of movie goers have wondered why there’s such a big gate in the wall that is supposed to keep Kong out. A little foresight pays off.

8. Clarify job offers. You have to find out what you’re getting into even if you’re a starving actress like Fay. Ask if the position involves extensive overtime or trips to Skull Island.

9. Take fewer pictures. That movie director was notorious for putting people at risk to get dangerous shots. Ensure you’re experiencing life and not just collecting photos to post online.

Tips You May Be Able to Use Outside of the Movies

1. Thump your chest. Banging on your chest may annoy people, but you can still reward yourself for your victories. Buy an ice cream cone or go out to the movies.

2. Recycle stage sets. Some of the major sets in King Kong were left over from other movies. You may not need a village hut, but it’s good to create as little waste as possible.

3. Dress up and dance. You could do the movie dance if you have a spare gorilla costume lying around. Otherwise, wear something special and go dancing after dinner on your next night out.

4. Prepare for sequels. Second and third acts are important on film and off. Start now to get ready for later stages in life. Invest in lifetime learning and save for retirement.

5. Build up suspense. It takes about a half hour before King Kong makes his first appearance in the movie. Anticipation makes most things more pleasurable.

6. Add in a love story. The movie director hired Fay Wray because his backers insisted he put in a romance. If you want people to listen to you, try communicating through a story. It makes your message more memorable.

King Kong didn’t get much of a chance to learn from his mistakes, but you can put his legacy to good use. Appreciate beauty and respect everyone you meet.