When a task overwhelms me, I remember that I am fully capable of accomplishing my goals.

I have a deep desire to reach my full potential, so I challenge myself by going outside my comfort zone. This is good! I applaud myself for taking the risks that I need to take in order to grow and develop fully as a creative, productive human being.

I recognize, however, that stretching myself in this way may mean that I get into situations where I feel like a task is beyond me. I am not afraid of these situations because I know how to handle them.

Any task can be broken down into manageable pieces. When I am confronted with a challenge that seems insurmountable, I sit down and make a plan that divides the work into chunks that I know I can handle. I focus on the piece that is right in front of me, giving it my full attention to avoid dissipating my energy by worrying about something that has yet to come.

If I get to a point where the task in front of me is beyond my skill level, I am open to asking for help. My greatest asset is my ability to learn and develop new skills. I am unashamed of the fact that I may need help because I see these times as opportunities to learn and grow.

Since I know how to break a task into manageable pieces, and because I am open to asking for help, I approach each new challenge with confidence.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. When faced with a task, do I first break it down into bite-sized pieces?
2. Who do I know that could help me if and when I need help?
3. Am I open to asking for the help that I need to reach my full potential?