When faced with a wall, I work hard to carve a window.

The journey of life is filled with unexpected turns and sudden surprises. At times I dance through the streets of life without a care in the world. Other times, I come face to face with opposition.

When I am faced with a wall, I have two options: I can stop and give up, or I can find another way out. Because I am determined to finish strong, I refuse to surrender to any barriers.

I am a brilliant individual who is fully capable of figuring out an escape. Instead of waiting silently for someone to rescue me with an offer for help, I think of ways in which I can help myself.

I call out to others for help, but if no one answers, I get out my trusty pocketknife and begin to carve away. When opportunities seem to pass me by, I go out and carve my own opportunities.

The harder I work, the sweeter the victory. Having to fashion my own way makes me more appreciative of the journey. I learn a lot about myself when I see the potential stored within me.

At work, I am courageous enough to talk to my boss about new prospects for me. I launch myself forward in order to discover new routes to success.

Roadblocks are only temporary. There is no such thing as a dead end. My job is to find a detour in order to arrive at my goal, even if it’s via a different route than I originally planned.

Today, I am coming up with new ideas to help me surmount the walls before me. I combine courage and creativity to form the most powerful tool against opposition.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What can I do when faced with a roadblock?
2. How can I surmount the wall in front of me?
3. Who can help me find a detour?