When I encounter detours in life, I make the most of them.

Regardless of the direction my life takes, I relish in each moment. I recognize that I lack control regarding certain things that happen to me. Therefore, I expect the unexpected.

I prepare for the unknown by arming myself with a sense of adventure. An adventurous spirit has helped me through many challenging situations.

If I can keep my eyes open, listen to others with an open mind, and move forward during the rough times, I can prevail.

I sustain a positive attitude throughout difficult situations. I tell myself that maybe I can discover new information or meet someone new. These encounters add a whole new aspect to my life.

Positive thinking during a challenging event helps me to develop confidence for the future.

Telling myself that I love to learn new things ensures I can navigate any difficult situation. I think of it as adding to my “inventory” of skills and talents. I can access these from my “warehouse” in the future. Whatever I learn in a given situation can likely be used when another struggle presents itself.

Today, I choose to make the most of any unexpected events that take me down a new path. I can remain positive and embrace learning when I encounter tough situations.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What was the last detour that life gave me?
2. What strategies do I use to resolve difficult situations?
3. How does being adventurous help me make it through challenging times?