When I pray I feel an interior freedom.

When I pray, I relinquish control of my life to my Creator. I surrender my will and desires because I know that my plans for my life are miniscule compared to the plans my Creator has set out for me.

Prayer provides me with comforting guidance during times of uncertainty like a lighthouse directs a ship on a dark night. I reach for prayer like a lifeline when I am bound up in life’s difficult decisions.

When I pray, I release my mind from worries and concerns. I feel an interior freedom because I have communicated all of my anxieties to someone who can truly help me change.

I feel interior peace and freedom when I stop trying to figure life out on my own and seek the help of my Creator. Knowing that there is a power stronger than me that is in control of my future puts me at ease.

Prayer is part of every day of my life – good days and bad. I even pray about things that seem small or insignificant in order to prevent them from becoming big stumbling blocks in my walk.

Prayer makes me feel free to pursue a higher calling with passion and resolve. I believe that my prayers are heard and will be answered in divine time. Prayer gives me the confidence I need to trust in my Creator’s masterful plan.

Today, I am free be the best me I can be because I have deposited all my shortcomings in the arms of prayer and I know that my weaknesses are simply opportunities for prayer to reveal its power.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. How do I feel when I pray?
2. Is there something in particular that I need to pray about today?
3. What causes me to worry?