When one door closes, I find another way in.

I am a fighter. When I take aim at something I want, I go to great lengths to achieve it. I view closed doors as a sign to be more creative.

My spirit is undaunted, even in the face of rejection. I know life can be difficult. I accept letdowns as they come. I use those disappointments as learning experiences and consider where I can make changes to my approach.

Making a career change is a tough decision. But I stick to it because I deserve a career that aligns with my passion. I know I am on track when my heart pulls me in a certain direction.

I ask for help when I need it. I sometimes want to do it all myself. But, I realize that life is more difficult when I bypass my support system.

Even when times are tough, I keep looking for ways to persevere.

I know that some of the answers I am looking for come from those around me. I allow others to use their expertise to help me out.

Today, I seek alternative ways to pursue my goals when obstacles arise. I am focused on what is in front of me and avoid dwelling on the past.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What can I do to ensure I have the energy it takes to keep pursuing my goals?
2. How do I know when a closed door means it is time to move on?
3. What lessons can I learn from disappointment?