Wisdom prevents me from making decisions based on emotion.

My experiences in life help me to develop wisdom. I am able to make sound judgment calls because of knowledge gained from past situations.

I avoid making choices based on emotion. When I decide on the basis of feelings, the outcome is likely to be unfavorable. I ensure I have a steady head when I am required to sound off on important topics.

Even though the outcome from my experiences is sometimes undesirable, the lesson always sticks out for me. It helps me make better choices in future situations.

When I am involved with group decision-making, I encourage the team to discuss the options. Team discussions promote openness to the experience and views of others.

Family situations can cause a flare up of emotions. Uncontrolled feelings often result in hurtful words and actions. I like to mediate in family matters so I can help control what is done and said. Wisdom allows me to keep my feelings in check.

I am happier when I make choices that are well-thought-out. It allows me to avoid the struggle of living with negative feelings indefinitely. My peace of mind is important.

Today, my goal is to continue to learn from life. As I develop greater wisdom, I commit to using it to help others. I also commit to keeping emotions under control in the process.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. How am I able to distinguish between a wise decision and an unwise one?
2. When are emotions necessary for decision-making?
3. How do I regroup after allowing myself to react from pure emotion instead of wisdom?