With my shield of confidence, preparation, and strength, I am protected against anything thrown my way.

Because I have taken the time to prepare my mind and strengthen my body, I have confidence that I will be able to handle anything that comes my way.

I am continually in the process of learning and growing spiritually, mentally and emotionally. I desire more than simply putting in my eight hours and then being a lump with the rest of my time.

I keep myself fresh and engaged by participating in activities that stretch me: attending classes or seminars, reading quality books, and participating in discussion with those who value honest searching.

I make it a habit to participate regularly in prayer and meditation, either on my own or with other spiritually minded individuals, because I recognize the supreme importance of keeping myself open to the Divine.

I have put myself beneath the tutelage of at least one older, wiser person who can help me develop myself to the best of my abilities.

I strengthen my body as well because I know that it must be nurtured in order to perform optimally.

I wouldn’t fill my car will sludge, leave it in the garage for five years, and then expect it to win a race! My body is the same way. For optimal performance, I must maintain it through proper diet and exercise.

I do this because I know that with a sharp mind, vibrant spirit, and strong body, I am prepared for any challenge.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Do I ask for divine strength and guidance?
2. Do I engage in activities that keep me stretching and growing?
3. Am I treating my body as a valuable tool?