How to Find Joy in Summer Nature Exploration

As you delight in the first warm breezes of summer, you may feel the urge to start spending more time outdoors. Go for it! When you allow yourself to give in to Nature’s call, you’ll find a plethora of exhilarating experiences awaiting you.

Not only is getting outdoors a great way to exercise, but it’ll also give you the opportunity to take pleasure in exploring the simple things in nature. In the hustle and bustle of life, it’s easy to overlook the importance of nature and the wonderful benefits it can bring to both your body and mind.

Summer nature exploration can be as simple as an afternoon walk around a wooded area. Or it can consist of something bigger, like a several-day camping trip. One of the great things about exploring nature is that you can decide how and when to best fit it into your busy lifestyle.

Nature offers a wide range of choices. You decide how long you want to explore, where you want to go, and what kinds of things you want to see.

Young children make partaking in nature exploration even more enjoyable. Children are often fascinated by all kinds of things. Even if you’re going exploring with adults or by yourself, you can rediscover that childlike wonder that you had when you were little. Exploring nature is a rich way to find the joy you deserve.

Getting Started

To prepare for your exploration, consider the things in nature that fascinate or excite you. What brings you joy might be very different from someone else. Do you want to go to the mountains? How about a scenic trip to a lake near you? Would you relish the quiet beauty of a nature walk through the forest? You choose what to see, do, and explore.

If you give it some thought, you can plan a summer nature exploration that’ll recharge your batteries and refresh your spirit.

Consider these questions to plan the perfect nature getaway:

* What kinds of plants and animals do you want to see?
* Do you want to camp overnight or only go for the day?
* What are the ages of the people you’re taking with you?
* Is anyone allergic to anything?
* How much do you know about the area and the creatures that live there?

Nothing Can Take Your Joy Unless You Give It Away

If it rains on your trip, or if you accidentally grab a poison ivy plant, you can refuse to let that steal your joy. Rain refreshes the air, makes plants thrive so you can enjoy their beauty, and can even be fun to play in. On the other hand, poison ivy isn’t all that fun, but it’s not a life-threatening situation, either. You can still tell great vacation stories about the time you got poison ivy!

Part of exploring nature is learning to find the humor and positive things about every situation. And, what you focus on becomes your reality. Laugh, love and explore. Allow the beauty of your surroundings to fuel your inner joy.

Nature often makes you feel more at peace. Flowing water, flowering plants, and frolicking wildlife bring smiles to people of all ages. These things make you stop for a moment and relax. That’s healthy for your body and soul. The old adage to “stop and smell the roses” is more valuable to you and your long-term health than you might think!

Take time this summer to explore nature. Nature provides one of the best ways to increase your sense of peace, joy, and connection to your world. Whether you go by yourself or with a group of people, a summer nature exploration can be just the thing you need to restore and rekindle the joy in your life.