I avoid allowing pride to control my actions.

I value my abilities. I know I am a capable person who deserves great opportunities. However, I am careful to keep my pride in check.

I sometimes get disappointed, but I accept it gracefully. I know that other successes are coming to me soon. I show my support by congratulating those who are successful in life.

I am confident in whatever I set out to do. However, I avoid being haughty. I know that others dislike that kind of attitude. My mission in life is to live well with those around me.

When I know I am correct, I push to get my point across. I defend my opinion without putting anyone else down. I give every voice a fair chance to be heard. I avoid getting angry when I am in a disagreement with someone. Instead, I give the other individual a chance to express themselves.

Even when they become angry, I remain calm. I believe that calmness eventually overpowers negative energy.

My work environment can be difficult to handle. Different personalities create a setting that can be both dynamic and emotional. I respect everyone’s differences. I know that they help make our workplace as successful as it can be.

Today, I commit to continuously work on my character. As I sharpen my skills, I also keep my emotions in check. I acknowledge that allowing pride to dictate my actions creates a negative environment. Instead, I live for positivity.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Why do I sometimes want others to know about my successes instead of celebrating quietly?
2. When is it okay to be openly proud about something?
3. How can I handle disappointments in a more positive way?