I break unpopular news to others with consideration and tact.

Sharing unpopular news with others is sometimes difficult, but I exercise tact. I know that softening a message often makes it easier to accept.

Adding the personal touch to delivery of unfavorable information allows others to feel considered. I appreciate when others give thought to my feelings. I know that the sentiment is the same the other way around.

In personal scenarios, I use my loving relationship with my family to drive my approach. I draw on our natural rapport and use past experiences to help frame my style of delivery.

At work, professional respect helps me decide how to break unpopular news. I take the time to develop mutual respect with my team. That strategy pays off whenever I am required to relay disappointing information.

I realize that helping others find a solution to the challenging news is effective. Before announcing the news, I identify the silver lining to share at the same time.

That approach helps others to move on past the negative feedback. The ideas for bouncing back provide them with enough resolve to stay afloat. I offer my assistance to others whose direction changes because of the information I provide.

Today, I realize that considering the feelings of others helps to soften blows. I rely on tactful delivery when sharing disappointing news. I know that being thoughtful even in unfortunate situations goes a far way for others.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What strategies can I employ to make an unpopular message seem bearable?
2. How does open discussion help in getting everyone on the same page?
3. In which situations am I able to spin unfavorable news into something positive?