I call out my weaknesses.

Strength is easy to call upon. Like fear, weakness must be confronted. I challenge myself to improve, and I replace weakness with confidence. Internally, I perform an inventory of areas needing improvement and I tackle those areas daily.

Practice improves my performance. I maintain a positive perspective as I address areas which challenge me most. As my ability increases, my confidence grows. My desire to continue tackling challenges is amplified. I am encouraged to focus my efforts on new areas of improvement.

When I encounter limitations that are particularly daunting, I identify my available assets. I trust my social network of family and friends. I utilize my applicable strengths to overcome obstacles. I envision how I can approach each new challenge.

I ask others for advice and learn from their experiences. I help others in need. Assisting others may require me to test my areas of weakness. Sometimes, I find that I am stronger than I believed.

If an area is vulnerable, I attend to it. I know that it may take time, but through perseverance, I see progress.

Today, I identify the skills and abilities that I can strengthen. In this way, I make progress. I seek new areas to address while reflecting on what I have overcome.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. How can I use my strengths to overcome particular weaknesses?
2. What tools can I use to assist me in confronting challenges?
3. What do I learn from helping others with their challenges?