I can learn from the differences I have with others.

Differences are part of the Creator’s gift.  I am so thankful that I have been given a unique set of skills.  When I think about the talents of others, I am grateful that there are so many differences in the world.

Even when I disagree with other’s thoughts or actions, I do not take these differences personally.  I am glad there are people who experience the world in a way that is different from me.  This allows people to see solutions that might be hard for me to recognize or contribute ideas that might not have entered my mind.

Because people are so different, the world is a better place.  How boring would it be if everyone and everything in the world were the same?  When I think about that, I can see the great beauty in the world today.

I think of myself as a child coloring a picture. Instead of filling in all the lines with one color, I use a full crayon box to draw within and outside the lines.  Each color and shade, though different, adds more depth to the picture.  Through choice and differences, I can create a beautiful picture.

The joy of life comes from the bright colors of our personalities and the vivacity of our hopes and dreams. Because we are all individuals, we can fill the world with choice and possibility.  We can create a more beautiful world by our combined talents.

While I rejoice in the ways that I am unique, I also cherish the differences of others.  Just as I want others to appreciate my value, I show that same respect by admiring other people’s differences.  I know I can learn from others and I am grateful that the Creator has given me this opportunity.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Have there been times in my life that I have learned something from someone who is different from me?
2. Even when I disagree with others, can I learn to appreciate the value of their perspectives?
3. Am I truly grateful for all of the wonderful diversity in the world?