I can make it through any crisis.

I am resilient. It pleases me to know that when life goes differently than my plans, I can roll with the punches and make my way through a challenging time. My sheer motivation and life experience help push me forward.
My diligence, perseverance, and work ethic compel me to be successful, regardless of the situation.
I realize that if I expect the unexpected, I am in a better position to weather the storms. And when unpredicted events erupt, I prepare myself for the battle at hand. And I win.
My past experience gives me confidence. The confidence bolsters my self-esteem to the point that I believe I can do whatever is necessary to persevere. I know my strength is there whenever I need it.
Today, I can navigate through the toughest times and emerge from the tunnel into a bright and promising world.
My future beckons because of my ability to make it through any crisis that comes my way. I look forward to the future with a sense of determination and self-assurance. I can brave any crisis that is placed in front of me.
Self-Reflection Questions:
1. Do I believe that I can make it through any crisis?
2. Which of my characteristics help me rise above great challenges?
3. How can I change to ensure that I can make it through any crisis?